Juliet will be closed to submissions from 19th September to October 31st - anything sent during that time will be deleted unread.

Juliet is looking for crime, thriller, YA, reading group fiction, ghost stories, historical fiction, SFF, romcoms and books which fall a little bit in between. A snapshot of Juliet’s favourite novels includes: The Book of Night Women, Americanah, The Crimson Petal and the White, The Hate U Give, Uprooted, To All the Boys I Loved Before, Room, Disclaimer, The Immortalists, The Rosie Project and Homegoing. She likes high concept hooks, books with an international appeal, quirky first-person narratives, historical novels with women at the forefront, and books which make her cry. She is particularly keen to see ownvoices narratives.

Please do not send her: picture-books, MG, non-fiction, novellas, short stories/short story collections, screenplays, poetry collections or erotica. Please do not send her unfinished books. Unless she has specifically asked to see it, do not send her revised versions of earlier manuscripts she has rejected.

Please email jmsubmissions@caskiemushens.com with the subject line QUERY, the cover letter in the body of the email, and a synopsis and the first three chapters or approximately first 50pp of your book as attachments. As long as your submission follows the above criteria, she will respond to it within 4 weeks of receipt of email. Please note that submissions sent to her other email address will be deleted unread. Please do keep Juliet updated if you receive an offer of representation or wish to withdraw your submission.

Please do not submit to both Juliet and Robert.



Robert will be closed to submissions from 14th October to November 1st - anything sent during that time will be deleted unread.

Robert is actively pursuing books on both the fiction and non-fiction front that stimulate debate, comment on the world around us, and invoke an emotional response.

Robert is open to fiction and non-fiction submissions. On the fiction front he looks for literary, reading group, and books with commercial cross-over appeal. On the non-fiction side he is interested in narrative non-fiction, popular science, memoir, politics, and social issues.

For fiction, please send Robert a cover letter and first three chapters of your novel. If you are submitting non-fiction please send a chapter breakdown and sample chapter alongside a cover email. All submissions must be sent to robert@caskiemushens.com with the subject line QUERY.

Please note that Robert only responds to submissions he is interested in.

Juliet and Robert do not accept physical submissions. If you send a physical submission to their office it will be recycled unread.

Please note that Liza is not accepting submissions at this time.