Please send Juliet a cover letter in the body of your email, with the subject line 'query'. Please attach the first three chapters, and a synopsis, to that email. Please do not send unfinished manuscripts: Juliet will only consider novels which have been completed. Please do not send reworked versions of manuscripts Juliet has already passed on - unless specifically requested. 

Please DO send Juliet: crime, thrillers, SFF, YA, historical, reading group fiction, psychological suspense, anything in between.

Please do NOT send Juliet: non-fiction, MG, children's books, picture books, erotica, paranormal romance, romance, literary fiction, screenplays, novellas, short stories, poetry.

Juliet likes big canvases, high concept novels and novels with an international appeal. She is keen to see own voices submissions. Recent debut sales include SUICIDE CLUB (literary speculative fiction) by Rachel Heng, THE MURDER HOUSE (psychological suspense) by Vanessa Savage, and BLACKBERRY AND WILD ROSE (literary historical fiction) by Sonia Velton. Recent bestsellers include GOOD ME, BAD ME (psychological thriller) by Ali Land, LAST SEEN ALIVE (psychological thriller) by Claire Douglas and Taran Matharu's SUMMONER: BATTLEMAGE (YA fantasy).

Juliet reads and responds to every submission. If you haven't heard from her within 12 weeks please send a (gentle!) chaser. 

Her email is juliet@caskiemushens.com

Juliet was closed to submissions during July and August and deleted anything received during that time, unread, so please submit again if you mistakenly sent during that period.


Robert is currently closed to submissions.